Dance Over the Night!!


June 18, 2004 0 COMMENTS

.. Today was as exciting as it was yesterday!! Usually in the nights, after 11 p.m., brain stops to work! and eyes start to fade!!, so not much productive work goes on!!! Ppl keep playing games & songs.

At around 12:30 pm or so, I had just gone to the neighbouring cabin, to get a glimpse of the snorting tool in use from Mr.Cedric. By the time, Hozefa wanted to open this site,

A nice music came through, “Kabhi aaru kabhe paaru lagaa teer-ee nazar, saiyaa ghayyal kiya re, thumne meri jigar..” Its from a old song, & raghav had remixed it. It was not so much exciting in the beginning, we were just trying to get what the singer was singing (the lyrics). Sometime later, Biju came from somewhere, and did a lyrics search,

.., now it was getting interesting, coz, we were starting to mimick the song, thru the lyrics. the website was open, & the song happened to play in loop. Indeed, the song was good, and slowly as we involved in the song, our slight hand/leg movements became dance.. and we were dancing!!! vikram joined the team & we were singing aloud & dancing, …for a long time!! We really enjoyed it! , though unofficial and of late in the night!!.

For me, it was after the *Trivandrum days*, that I danced today. The song still rings in my ears!! I wish you wil also enjoy this, with dance ofcourse. 🙂

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