Its rain again, its one and half years in mumbai


June 27, 2005 0 COMMENTS

Hey… lotsss happend in between.. and lotsss didn’t happen!! (well, i have gone crazy enough) 🙂

I might keep writing some crap here, so you might not make out anything out of this junk.

Its june-july again, raining again here, lots of humidity – i sweat, though it rains. But its rain, its drizzle, its breeze & mixture of all, its party time for the mind.

Things are seemingly haphazard, confusing & stuck up. Well I – only I can understand that. Its like – I went slow on decisions, actions, sometimes had a tussle and break down. I felt the corner stones of life – hit the walls, it was not tough time – I was not under pressure of anything – it was a relaxed tough time – though and it seemed that I realized it.

Mind is ‘the’ machine – It needs constant attention, love & some care!! Things were probably bizarre & fuzzy, till this point of time & “change” is something that has to be handled throughout tidily.

That happens. A few things go mature this way. Though maturity is desirable – one wouldn’t like maturity through toughness – it ought to happen the easy, comfortable way. It doesn’t happen the same for everyone.

Well, thats floating in the castles of the clouds. I’m landing onto the ground.

At this point of time, life’s on – as usual. I do cooking these days – for the lunch & the dinner, variety comes its way – I cook variety rice, chappaties, sabji includes a ladyfinger’s toast, a potato smash, a guar masala, a capsicum fry or a simple tomato-onion dish. Initially, the experimentation was on rasam – I kept tuning it till I got it in the right combination; Oh god, its really an art!! I had to be ‘enormously’ fast – faast in cooking – as my schedules were tight then. Somehow, I managed to make it – though I would make an intelligent choice of food, depending on the time available.

I started reading a novel too. The Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”. But I haven’t completed. Critic – There’s no one who hasn’t completed this book, once they start. 🙁 By the way, is this a novel?

Most of the time spent is on “photography”. I got used to observing a lot of photographic stuff – this website is a great one really. There’s lot of people who want to do photograph & keep constantly improving. Over time, I came to classify through a glance – the “good photography”; I haven’t yet started my photography – I was & am remaining to be an observer. I did attend a photography workshop organized by my current employer – TCS. The guy who gave the session was terrific. A lots went into head – also the fact I should have INR 22000 to keep a good amateur photography, on the run!!!

Then my computer fantasies – as usual. I wanna do that & this. It is the same thing from the college. Somehow, I decided to put a full stop to this. “I want to be”. I signed up for the sourceforge projects – I decided to help a gaming guy; I am learner still & it will remain so. 🙂

“Change” is what I am looking for – in very different aspects. Let me see.

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