Lots Happened!!!!


March 10, 2005 0 COMMENTS

ohhhh hhoo.. its long… allllll lllllllong since i blogged!! & since then, lots hav happend. ..hmm where do i start now? some of the highlights are here:

1. enjoyed roaming/being in mumbai (when i think of the last 3-4 months atleast, this is what i feel). I do whatever I decide to do. 🙂

2. friends – deepak, palani, shammu, bk, appu, shakil took a trip to mahableshwar & panchgani.. & roamed mumbai. wowwwww scintillating experiencee….

3. got confirmed with my current employer(TCS) & got a quite decent rating(translates to a reasonably good package).

4. got fed up with the project as well…. :(( over this time… got to see why. But it is quite usual, since someone who pays will land you up in hoax.

5. ‘the first & dirty coder’ & my then module lead, lingraj had to quit TCS , bcoz he was not allocated a project for a long time, he took up SAPLABS in b’lore. so, as farewell, we went to elephanta caves & dinner. Earlier we went together to see BLACK (rani & amitabh, directed by sanjay leela bhansari) oh my godd!!! the movie is a classss of its ownnn!!! too good.

6. some of the movies worth saying – kadhal, 7/G rainbow colony, swades

………..Of late, i had got a gym equipment in home to build up my bi & triceps – ..hmm doing well. 🙂 I gave a basic exam in linux – LPIC level 1. ..hmm it was good.

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