rain …. this time, its threatening!!!


July 27, 2005 1 COMMENTS

From the same city – Mumbai, my blogs do contain “rain” as the title many a times, but it would be a sense of welcome & rejoice’ng.

This time, I got stranded – stuck up in my office, for more than 24 hours – uptill now. The rain started yesterday around mid-afternoon.. and till now, there is no stopping in its intensity & flow. First time ever, am seeing such a continuous rain. I just managed to get to type this blog, thank god, the net is not off!!

There’s heavy flooding everywhere – kurla – one of the heavily congested places which is enroute has a water logging of about 8 feet & above. People in the double decker buses are standing on the seat of the upper deck. They are being evacuated using ropes. There is no way of going out. The sub-urban trains (handles about 6.1 million people every day) stand cancelled in the mid-way. All the buses/traffic are stuck up in the middle. And a whole night has passed away – imagine people in trains and buses just stuck up for hours and hours – without food/drink, the water level continuously increasing.

My office, which is a stock exchange – seems to be the safest place for the moment. People who left to their homes, came back to the office drenched wholly – taking care not to be drowned. I went out of my office, stood at the entrance gazing at the calamity surmounting.. one of the staff took a big risk in taking his car out of the gate and thrusting home. oops, the moment his car went out of the gate, not only did it stop moving any further – but it started floating 🙂 – it was laughter for people who were not on the scene but piteous. A black car which came rushing with a great speed turned sideways all of a sudden. This was only what I saw.

The food in the canteen is fast exhausting, and am still in office, hoping to go out when the rain would stop & the water would recede.

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    July 27, 2005 14:21 UTC Reply

    Hang on dude!! My brother-in-law walked from Seepz to Khar last evening. If you ask me, he took an unnecessary risk. If you do decide to walk, make sure you look out for manholes or spiraling eddies. walk in the middle of the road, generally safer.

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