Messy Stickers


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February 11, 2014 0 COMMENTS

For years, one must have come across the annoying problem of removing the sticker labels on stainless steel (or for that matter, on anything material bought). These sticker labels leave a residual mark that appears as a patchy spot on the thing that you just paid a price and got home. The heights of insensibility is when these stickers get stuck to the bottom of a cooking vessel and leave a combination of glue and paper marks posing a health hazard. The Internet is full of these kind of solutions to the “sticky” problem from the vessels, and there are a dozen products and methods just to address the residue from these stickers.

Look at the consumer. He didn’t want the sticker. He just bought the product. Now he has to buy one more product just to address something that he did not solicit.

Someone applied some thought to it and re-imagined to make this a better experience.  “Glue dots“, as they are called, are one step ahead in solving exactly the problem that people have been facing for a long time. The “glue dots” make it easier to detach these sticker labels from stuff, not just that – they are not messy like the stickers, they leave no residue when you peel them off. Benefits the producers as they’d like the sticker label on the product to brand or add price tags.


Now that is Usability. Happy Companies, Happy Consumers!

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